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At Kidney Health Asia, we are committed to providing you with the best possible care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. We provide treatment for a range of kidney conditions, as well as kidney health screening to detect early health problems and prevent disease development and progression.

Here at KHA, we are led by Dr Teo, who believes firmly that medicine is only as effective as its acceptance by patients. Hence the essentiality of tailoring medicine to the unique needs of each individual for sustainable health maintenance. We are focused on a lifelong journey of healthy kidneys, healthy you!

No matter why you’re visiting us, we provide comprehensive and excellent care. Find out more about our services and let us take care of you.



Director and Senior Consultant
Adjunct Asst Prof, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
BMedSc (Aust),
MBBS (Hons) (Aust)

Dr Rachel Teo is a renal physician who sub-specialises in kidney transplantation, in addition to managing patients with chronic kidney disease and patients requiring dialysis treatment.  


Dr Teo underwent education in Australia graduated with BMedSc and MBBS (Hons) from University of Sydney in 2002 and 2006 respectively, with award of the academically credited International Merit scholarship over the course of her study. She went on to complete physician training in Renal Medicine and general medicine and was granted Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. 


Before returning to Singapore, Dr Teo worked in tertiary hospitals in Sydney with acute transplant units, where she developed a keen interest in kidney transplantation and pursued further training to become well versed in transplant medicine.

Prior to private practice, Dr Teo worked in NUH where, in addition to nephrology, she worked in the transplant unit and provided quality care to pre and post transplant patients while maintaining a keen research interest with several publications in kidney transplantation. She is also a reviewer for international peer reviewed transplant journals. Dr Teo served as an executive committee member of the Society of Organ Transplantation, Singapore until 2021, and continues to be a member of the Australasian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology. 


In addition to clinical work, Dr Teo also advocates for excellence in quality of clinical care and patient safety. During her time at NUH, she was the patient safety officer responsible for morbidity and mortality reviews, peer review learning and hospital safety audits, receiving recognition and merit awards for quality improvement projects, as well as the excellence award for the value driven outcomes project. 


Following her tenure at NUH, Dr Teo has turned her efforts towards preventive medicine, targeting the rising tide of kidney failure in Singapore. During her time at NKF, in addition to providing care for patients on dialysis treatment, she ran the chronic kidney disease intervention clinic, focused on screening and education of the public who are at risk for kidney disease, with the aim of early detection and treatment of diabetes and hypertension to prevent and delay progression to kidney disease.

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